A game by @Bugbear_Legends and https://xenofucker51.tumblr.com/

with music by @InkyFirefly

Lust Kingdoms (formerly Kingdoms of Lust) Is a game I'm planning on actively developing in my spare time. It combines ideas from games like Towergirls (the CYOA), anti-idle, realm grinder, clicker heroes, and high fantasy settings.

You play as a disembodied spirit working for the Queen of Chaos and Laziness. You are tasked with relieving the overly horny denizens of the kingdoms of their lustful energies. This gives you "Lust" the currency you use to purchase upgrades, allies, and items.

The original game can be found here: https://edmang.itch.io/kingdoms-of-lust

And was created for #StrawberryJam2

Future content ideas include the following:

  • Offline progress/saving, (I wasn't able to implement this in time for the end of the jam) please do keep in mind that it does not save your progress when you leave as of now.
  • Kingdom management (make your own kingdom from the allies you've rescued along the way)
  • Reincarnation/Re-birthing (restart the game with bonuses and try to get to the "end" as quickly as possible for better rewards)
  • Dating sim-like elements where you can have short dialogues with the allies you've rescued and eventually you can have "special scenes" with those allies

Please let me know what you think of this concept!

This is version 0.1.1 update notes are as follows:

  • Fixed DPS and DPC not stacking.
  • Lowered enemy HP increase (so its easier to complete the game)
  • The game should take around half the time to complete now